Supply Chain Analytics

AI-Powered Inventory Analytics to make Smarter, Quicker, and more efficient decisions.

Product Overview

  • Discovery – Move from classical dashboards to smart dashboards using a variety of AI methods to search organize information about operation.
  • Diagnosis – Our Artificial Intelligence powered system lets you know why something has happened or not aligning to the expected results. It addresses lost or delays in the shipments and why is your company not achieving the same or more inventory turns as your competitor.
  • Prediction – Our system is built to foresee what is likely to happen in the future based on current data.
  • Prescription – With our solution you can prescribe / automate the best course of action using optimization or embedded decision logic. This can help improve decisions about when to launch a product.

Product Features

  • Data Visualization. Slicing and dicing of data from different angles to improve insight and understanding.

  • Streamlining Processing. Deriving insight from multiple data sources generated by IoT, Applications, and third-party data.

  • AI Based Forecasting to improve your forecasting accuracy through state of art neural models.

  • Planning Intelligence. Derives insights from multivariate data to understand and optimize sourcing.

Product Benefits

  • Improves Risk Management by identifying known risks and predicting future risks based on patterns and trends throughout the supply chain.
  • Increase Planning Accuracy Replenishment Frequency Optimization by analyzing data to identify factors that increase or decrease demand.
  • Improves Order Management ensuring that supply meets the demand by consolidating data sources to assess inventory levels, predict demand and identify fulfilment issues.
  • Prevents Locking Of Working Capital by improving models for determining the inventory levels required to ensure service goals with minimal capital investment. 
  • Avoids loses due to overestimated Sales forecast by 5%-10% in effectively optimized inventory forecasting systems.
  • Significant Cost savings by 5% to 8% with a reduction of excess inventory and improved cash flows.
  • Prediction of future in consumption, sales or further processing / value addition.
  • Demand calculation helps to get customer demand and provide detailed & useful inventory insights.
  • Unforeseen future demand can be predicted and helps to meet the demand due to variation in forecast figures and actual figures.

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