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Digital tools have had a place in education for over a decade. However, COVID-19 sparked rapid growth, adoption, and reliance on the tech-enabled learning tools in and out of the classroom, with varying degrees of success across learners and faculty.With an accelerated shift to digital assessment, we offer Psychometric, Cognitive, Skill-based, Domain, and Behavioural assessments to gauge learners competencies.

Tax Compliance

As companies prepare to face uncertainty emerging from an enduring pandemic. Further, dealing with multiple jurisdictions’ changing laws, deadlines and requirements can often require a small army of specialists. By signing up with us, we make sure you are compliant with your tax filing obligations globally.


Migrants play an important role in the response to COVID-19 by working in critical sectors. We help organizations aligning Immigration Policies & Business needs for a new, Post-Pandemic world with an end to end case management for immigration compliance.

Smart Storage

Post COVID-19 has challenged traditional ways of working and how we view our workspaces; with agile working taking the working world by storm, Smart Storage is a perfect edition to aiding this style of operating. Our solution helps Individuals, Academia and Companies Store, Track, Comply and Share documents when you travel internationally for work, school or fun.

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