IT Infrastructure

The goal of IT infrastructure is to provide reliable, secure, and scalable technology services to an organization, enabling it to meet its business objectives.

IP Telephony Systems in Dubai, UAE

Telephony is the construction and operation of a telephone system within a workplace. Most commonly, IP telephony is the type of system implemented for telephone communications. The purpose of IP telephony systems is the electrical transmission of voice, fax, or data between the ends of a network with or without the use of cables. IP telephony is also known as Voice over IP (VOIP) telephony, which uses an Internet connection and hardware IP telephones, analog telephone adapters, or softphone computer applications to carry calls encoded as data packets. 


Browse a variety of video conferencing equipment, conference phones, IP phones, Vantage phones, hotel phones, digital phones, headsets, and PBX systems.

Network Switches in Dubai, UAE

Today networks are essential to support companies, to provide communication, to provide entertainment – the list goes on and on. A fundamental element that networks have in common is the network switch, which helps connect devices to share resources. Vertex sells from SMB / enterprise level to industrial level switches in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Allied Telesis Switches

Wireless Products in Dubai, UAE

Develop your wireless network with a variety of indoor wireless access points, outdoor wireless access points, point-to-point wireless solutions, point-to-multipoint wireless solutions, unified access points, Wireless tools, wireless adapters, routers, range extenders, powerline adapters, controllers and licenses direct from top brands

Security & Firewall Devices in Dubai, UAE

Your company must always protect its network devices, users, digital assets and IT infrastructure from potential threats. Defend your IT infrastructure with various security options in the areas of antivirus, firewalls, email security, VPN, web security and wireless security from a number of brands.

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