The goal of IoT is to create a seamless technology environment where devices can communicate with each other and with people.

What is IoT

IoT stands for Internet of Things, which refers to a system of connected devices and sensors that collect and exchange data over a network without the need for human intervention. IoT devices can range from smart home devices like thermostats and security systems to industrial sensors in manufacturing plants and medical devices in healthcare. The goal of IoT is to create a seamless and integrated technology environment where devices can communicate with each other and with people, creating new possibilities for automation, efficiency, and convenience.


Cold Storage Automation

Our IoT-based storage solutions for fruits and vegetables in cold rooms improve the shelf life of the produce, enhance its quality, retain its freshness, and decrease waste. This leads to higher sales revenue and improved efficiency.

In comparison to traditional storage solutions, which only monitor temperature and humidity, IMPact fresh takes it a step further by monitoring and regulating parameters such as ethylene, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and oxygen, thereby preserving the freshness and prolonging the shelf life of the produce.

Stand Alone System

It is a single point measurement for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ethylene, ammonia and oxygen.

This device can be used in :

  • Cold storage for post harvest processes
  • Indoor and protected environment farming for plant and crop cultivation
  • Indoor mushroom cultivation

Our state of the art controller smartly monitors and controls the parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, pH and EC when connected with the right devices for the desired process.

The user friendly interface helps any layman to understand the process and change the settings as required. This product comes with an in-built protection against any voltage fluctuations and powers failures.

This ultrasonic humidifier comes with a capacity of 5 liter per hour with stainless steel body that is anti rust. The output is fine mist of less than 10 micron particle size that doesn’t condense quickly. This can be used in cold stores, indoor farms and for mushroom cultivations.

The Desiccant based dehumidification system comes in a metal cabinet size packed column that efficiently adsorbs the humidity to provide optimum RH inside the cold room. The system is customized for the storage capacity and starts from about 50L per day.

Activated carbon based adsorption system that efficiently scrubs out carbon dioxide from the room. The system comes in single cylinder and double cylinder for scrubbing management and includes auto scrub and purge cycles.

The system starts from 10kg CO2 scrubbing capacity and can be customized for larger cold rooms based on capacity

An ethylene removal system comes in two variants depending on the storage capacity and application. For smaller capacity rooms, oxidation type of ethylene removal based on activated alumina can be used for economical ethylene control.

For bigger capacity rooms, ethylene control is complemented with odour and pathogen control through oxidation based on high voltage application. The air in cold room is sterilized, made odour free and removed of all VOCs which helps in preserving the quality of the commodity.

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