Cloud-based Video Interviewing Solution

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Recruitment Specialist

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Smarter Solution

Cloud Based

Advanced digital interviewing platform to hire right talent at lesser cost yet faster than your competitors.

Customizable & Sharable

Easily customize interviews process & share candidate information.


Built for scale with the flexibility to work around all your needs.


You & your candidate’s data & information is safe with us.


Superior Experience

Higher recruiting experience for you and the applicant.

Save Cost

No upfront payments but save cost-to-hire by up to 70% as we take care of your Resume Screening, Pre HR & 1st Technical rounds

Reduce Time

Reduce 50% of time spent in interview coordination by recruiting team & billable resources (interview panelists).

Standardized Process

Standardize your recruitment process, empower employees, eliminate bias, get more inclusive & build better reputation among hiring managers

360° Interview Coverage

Current Reach

65K+ Completed Interviews

180+ Active Clients

100+ Technology Areas

950+ Technical Interviewers

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