Global IT Staffing

Skill fulfilment across mainstream and niche technologies

Global IT Staffing

Sustaining your business growth is really challenging in this VUCA World. Companies have to combat the factors that affect businesses all the time and the days ahead are looking really very challenging. Newer technologies, dynamic customer expectations, fierce competition are posing a greater threats to sustain the businesses in the long run. Long term sustenance depends on how quickly you are able to fulfil your staffing needs with the right talents plays a crucial role for succeeding in your business. At Vertex Star we understand this value proposition and your commitment to your customers. We provide technically trained staff with backup support at best pricing to avoid delay for all your IT roles.


We would like to work with you as a trusted partner to provide strategic IT staffing services to boost your business growth. We believe in a long-term commitment to our customers, and as a team, we strategically support to deploy your entire workforce.  As a result, we care enormously about getting the right resources to fill your vacancies. Vertex Star provides staffing services to the IT sector for hardware and software support across all locations in India. We aim to deliver the best resources within the time frame given by you at pricing that suits your requirement. We offer a single point solution for quality staffing services, providing full time, part-time, temporary, permanent, onsite and offsite resources.


Vertex Star provides staffing services that help you to keep your workforce in sync with your dynamic needs. Our ability to provide staffing services across geographies makes us versatile and resourceful for our customers. It helps companies to acquire highly trained & qualified talent within a short span of time to meet their goals without an delay and helps them to focus on their core business. We also provide end-to-end IT consulting and software development services through a combination of offshore and on-site delivery models in APAC & Middle East Geo’s. Our Process have been fine-tuned by industry specialist to help us provide a global delivery model for IT and business transformation services. We always aim to provide the best quality candidates for all your IT staffing requirements.

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