Data Analytics Consulting

Generate insights that yield better, faster decisions that drives business exponentially

Data Analytics Consulting

Our consulting services helps to balance business and analytics with the aim of delivering value-added solutions. We help every customer whenever their business faces one of their complex challenge involving a large data volume to be processed in real time. We facilitate strategic engineering and analytics to aid businesses in enhancing their data insights. Understanding the need of the client, developing innovative solutions, orchestrating the entire life cycle of the project, and presenting the solution to the end-user. Unearthing the organizations existing knowledge base and capabilities to identify the best solution to the client’s needs according to their timelines, budget, and constraints. We also help recognize fresh business opportunities for the organization to secure new projects from new or existing clients.

Understanding Requirement

  1. Stakeholder expectations and Dashboard objectives
  2. Business context and constraints
  3. Tools and technology choices
  4. Internal and external data sources
  5. Envisaging dashboards

Analytics Design

  1. KPIs used in industry, best practices
  2. Analyses and KPIs to address business problems
  3. Stakeholder sign-off on KPIs
  4. Refresh frequency decisions

Processing Data

  1. Map data sources to target database
  2. Data cleansing and consistency checks
  3. Data transformations and KPI construction
  4. Load data into the target database

Creating Dashboards

  1. Mock-ups and wireframes
  2. Review with stakeholders
  3. Build dashboard prototype
  4. Conduct User Acceptance Testing
  5. Release dashboard and schedule for updates

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